Services & Benefits

Mayo Clinic Mankato is one of the best hospitals in Minnesota, offering a variety of services to people. The clinic is located in downtown Mankato and within walking distance of several small Minnesota towns. Considered one of the largest hospitals in the state, it seeks to offer the best medical care to its patients. If you’re looking for a safe place to receive medical care, you’ve come to the right place.


The Mayo Clinic is planning a multi-million expansion of its current campus. Planning is underway, but construction is starting on the fourth floor, which will include areas for staff, patient care, transport/public space, and spaces in between.

Services By Mayo Clinic

Pay the bill online

  • You will need the patient’s billing account number and date of birth or sponsor ID to make a payment.

Prescription refills

  • Refill Mayo Clinic prescriptions at select Mayo Clinic pharmacies.


App Facility

  • Access your patient records on the go. Available on Apple and Android phones, tablets, and watches.

Benefits Of Mayo Patient Portal

A Mayo Patient Portal account has many benefits. The benefits are listed below:

  • You can access the Mayo Clinic Health System Patient Portal for free to view information about your health that the Mayo Clinic maintains for you, such as: B. Laboratory test results, medication lists, allergies, and more.
  • The Mayo Clinic Patient Portal also allows you to access your medical records and pay your Mayo Clinic medical bills online.
  • You can print and view your medical records anywhere, anytime.
  • Patients can use Mayo’s online patient portal to cancel an appointment or see if they are in the process of canceling an appointment that has already been scheduled.
  • Recipes and Recipes Refill Ask for referrals and search for referral results.
  • Control personal information such as your address and phone numbers.
  • The Mayo Clinic Patient Portal login system is protected by secure logins, and only you can access your personal information.
  • You may choose to have non-health-related personal information, such as B. upload an updated resume or profile photos. It is only available to Mayo Patient Portal administrators.